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Magha Puja

On Saturday, February 20, 2016 we will celebrate the Buddhist ceremony called Magha Puja. This day, sometimes called “Sangha Day,” commemorates the assembly of 1,250 arahants in the Buddha’s presence. One thousand of the gathered monks had previously achieved Awakening upon hearing the Buddha’s delivery of the Fire Sermon; the remaining 250 were followers of the elder monks Ven. Moggallana and Ven. Sariputta. To mark this auspicious gathering, the Buddha delivered the “Ovada-Patimokkha Gatha”, a summary of the main points of the Dhamma, which the Buddha gave to the assembly before sending them out to proclaim the doctrine.

10:00 AM Precepts and chanting
10:30 AM Alms round
11:00 AM Food offerings
11:15 AM Lunch
12:00 PM Offering to the monks
1:00 PM Dhamma Talks