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Asalha Puja Observance Day 

July 12, 2014

Asalha Puja is a celebration of the Buddha’s first Dhamma talk given to the five former ascetics whom he once practiced with. This first Dhamma talk is called the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (the turning of the Dhamma wheel). This Sutta is concerned with the middle way between self-torture and a life of pleasure. The Buddha went on to explain the Four Noble Truths and lays out the teaching for the first time. The end of this talk was beginning of the teaching and the beginning of the order of monks. This took place on a full moon night at the deer refuge at the meeting place of the seers near Varanasi. Also Saturday is the beginning of the rains-retreat for Buddhist monks. The rains-retreat lasts for three months and is a time when monks do not travel unless it is Dhamma business. The rains retreat time is a time for renewed effort in practice.

Day’s Schedule:

10:00 AM Novice Ordination

10:30 AM Taking the Precepts and Chanting

11:00 AM Alms Round / Food Offerings

12:00 PM Offerings to the monks and donations to Dhammasala

01:00 PM Dhamma talks in Thai/English