2014 Events


Magha Puja


Thai New Year

Apr. 19th.

Visakha Puja

May 17th.

Begin Rains retreat

Jul. 12th.

End of Rains retreat

Oct. 11th.


Events start generally at 10:00AM, but check here or in the mailing list for the detailed agenda.

Dates may be subject to change. Please check our website or contact us prior to an event.


Schedule for on-going activities


Dhamma Classes:    Saturday (5:30pm - 6:30pm)

Meditation:  Saturday (7pm - 8pm)


There are no scheduled, formal retreats, instead we offer personal retreats for individuals or groups from May - September. We have 28 acres of forested land with a few monk huts and many camping areas to enjoy the solitude and peace. Personal teaching and answers to questions are available for those on retreat. Please contact us for details.