Welcome to Dhammasala Forest Monastery

Dhammasala Forest Monastery is a Buddhist temple, monastery, and meditation center in the Thai Forest Tradition located on 28 acres of forested land in Perry, Michigan. The monastery includes a temple, living quarters for the monks, walking paths, and meditation shelters.

News and Events

Visakha Puja 2024

Visakha Puja Saturday, May 25 2024 One of the most celebrated and the most important of Buddhist festivals is Visakha Puja Day or “Vesak” celebrating 3 events; the birth, enlightenment,

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Community Events

End of the Rains Retreat 2023

This year’s Vassa, or Rains Retreat, is coming to a close on October 29th. An annual three-month period of stability for Buddhist monks and nuns for over 2,500 years, the

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“Both formerly and now, it is only Dukkha that I describe,
and the cessation of Dukkha.”

Teachings and Reflections