Ajahn Khemasanto


The Venerable was born and raised in Midland Michigan. Venerable Khemasanto was first ordained as a novice in 1968 at Wat Bovornives, Bangkok, Thailand. He was given the name Dhammaramo at that time. He took higher ordination as a monk (Bhikkhu) in 1969 at the same temple. His Preceptor was Chao Khun Sasanasophorn (Presently His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch).

In 1970 – 1976 he went to live at various forest temples, training in that tradition.  His teachers included Ajahn Maha Bua, Luang Pu Bua,Luang Pu dun, and Ajahn Saam.

From 1976 to 1993 he worked with various non-profit international aid organizations, mostly on the Thai/Cambodian border, including two years in Cambodia.

In 1993 he re-ordained at Wat Bovornives with the Supreme Patriarch Somdet Nanasanvara as his preceptor and given the name Khemasanto. Until 1999 he spent training under teachers in the Northeast of Thailand (Ajahn Tui and Ajahn Vanchai). Coming to America in 1999 at the request of his aging parents. While in the USA he was invited by the Asian and American community to remain and help to set up a Theravada monastery in the forest tradition. Venerable Khemasanto was approved as abbot of Wat Dhammasala by the Thai Council of Elders in 2001.

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